Why You Should Read My Salacious New Book, ‘If Only I Knew Then…’


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If you are, like many readers at the moment, addicted to raunchy and provocative literature due to the success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and it’s imitators then my autobiography, ‘If Only I Knew Then…’ might be just what you are looking for.

My autobiography is a real life tale with real people and details the hedonism of myself and that found within British society right from well to do establishments like Harrow to the upper echelons of big business. You may recognise some of the names found within as through my life I’ve been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be acquainted with many members of the nation’s social elite from celebrity news presenters to British OBE’s.

One such figure is Roger Uttley OBE, a former England and British Lions rugby star and Director of Physical Education at Harrow School. Roger Uttley had a suspiciously close relationship with my former wife Beverley who at the time was the Honorary Secretary for the Members of The Harrow School Sports Club, exclusively for residents of “The Hill”. Beverley, like myself, was fond of group sex, a lavish lifestyle and had a keen interest in pushing the horizons of her sexuality whenever the opportunity arose, be it in a car, on camera or playing strip backgammon.

Another is Sky News presenter Kay Burley. Kay is a former friend and neighbour of mine and we would regularly attend the same social functions and visit each other’s homes. You can read about Kay and gain a glimpse into her life and mine only through purchasing my book. In the meantime, here is a brief snipped.

Apparently ‘The Hill’ was awash with gossip about the terms of my relationship with Kay. When Kay told me that a rumour was going round that she and I were going to get married, totally false, I felt sorry for Beverly and embarrassed for Kay. Kay thought it was amusing, so no harm done to our friendship. One of the best invites from Kay was to the Rugby League Cup Final with a VIP reception and seats courtesy of Rugby League Chairman, Maurice Lindsay. I sat next to Bruce Forsyth and his son, both of whom were very pleasant.

If you are looking for a real life counterpart to ‘Fifty Shades…’ then give ‘If Only I Knew Then…’ a try. You will find that fact is much more interesting than fiction and infinitely more scandalous. As you will read from my previous blog posts, it’s now time for me to put the record straight. My book is a glimpse into the life of a self-confessed sex addict and is not for the faint of heart. ‘If Only I Knew Then…’ is a glimpse into the world of foursomes, sex parties, affairs, lust and desire featuring real people and real events. You can find my book on Amazon for your eReader or you can order a print copy from my website here. You can find out where the proceeds to my book will go here.



An exclusive extract from my autobiography, ‘If I Only Knew Then…’


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As Christmas is almost upon us and it is the season of giving, I thought it would be a good idea to let you see an exclusive extract from my recently released autobiography ‘If I Only Knew Then…’ Described as ‘Better than Dallas and real life too’, my book features work, business and is your glimpse into a world of salacious night time activity. The following extracts are from the ‘Hedonism at Harrow’ section of my book and as you may be aware, Harrow is a pillar of the British establishment having educated the likes of Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Byron, Benedict Cumberbatch and many members of the British Royal Family. As you will read in my book, attending or working at Harrow doesn’t mean that you are squeaky clean, far from it.

Taken from Hedonism at Harrow:

Key amongst the staff is Beverley Bailey, housewife, mother and, like the school itself an outwardly respectable member of the Harrow community. As Personnel Manager, it’s Beverley’s role to support the four hundred or so staff working at the centuries-old school. Like the school itself and their now famous topless art teacher Joanne Salley, despite outward appearances, Beverley is also not immune to scandal.

Beverley was married to Roger Bailey for twenty-two years before finally divorcing in 1994, having met through her cousin, the BBC Top of the Pops producer Brian Whitehouse, who lived opposite Roger. It was in the very early stages of this relationship before they were married, that Beverley’s more risqué side first emerged. Shelia, an older long term friend of Beverley’s would stay with them on weekends, as her husband was away serving in the army. Beverley was keen for Roger to kiss her, and threesomes were suggested. Though nothing more happened, it was clear she wanted to experiment with multiple partner sex.

Soon after she moved in with Roger, she got to know his neighbours, Tony and Carol Gray, who were regular swingers. One evening in their company, the drink flowed and the clothes soon fell to the floor as they swapped partners and danced naked, Beverley with Tony while Roger danced with Carol. Later that evening she told Roger how much she enjoyed it, and from then on a wilder, more hedonistic lifestyle was begun…

You can read further extracts on my site here or read the book in full by purchasing from Amazon for your eReader or by ordering a paper copy from my site. Find out what truly goes on in the world of the British elite as I tell the full, explosive truth. Find out how I led the playboy lifestyle with fast cars, luxury boats and how women played a part in my downfall. You can find out more about myself and my book via my previous blog posts or read more online at RogerBailey.org.

Why I Wrote My Story and How Your Purchase Helps Me and Others


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As you can see from my previous blog (found here), I have spent the last few years suffering from several medical conditions and sadly the battle for my own health appears lost. I decided that now was the time to commit my story to paper and to finally share with you the ins and outs of my hedonistic life.Untitled-2

If I Only Knew Then…’ is certainly not for the faint of heart but I think that you will enjoy reading it. Proceeds from the sale of my book will fund my visit to Dignitas in Switzerland and any additional revenue will be donated to Dignitas charity to help others like me. As you may know, they provide assisted death for people like me and I would like to explain further how I came to make the decision and what Dignitas stand for.

My Hardest Decision

The decision to end your own life is not one that you take lightly or without courage. A year after my cancer diagnosis I was admitted to hospital for emergency surgery on a spinal tumour which has led to many problems with my central nervous system. Sadly as a result of this, my poor health will only accelerate as time goes on. I believe that human beings have a right to die when and how they want which is why I finally made the most difficult decision of my life.

About Dignitas

Dignitas is a Swiss organisation which helps those with terminal illness or severe physical and mental discomfort to die in peace with help from qualified medical doctors and trained staff. Based in Zurich and founded in 1998, the organisation has helped over a thousand people since end their lives in a dignified manner at their own behest. Prospective patients undergo rigorous psychological and physical examinations to determine their present condition and to ascertain that the decision is merited. Dignitas acts as a neutral party to all of this to ensure that they as an organisation never benefit from anyone’s death.

The Ethics Debate

The organisation is not without controversy. Assisted suicide is still a hotly debated and contentious issue across Europe yet Dignitas have shown that through thorough organisation and dedicated support to patient’s, people no longer have to suffer unnecessarily as a result of a terminal illness or debilitating condition. Like myself, Dignitas and many others around the world believe that in the 21st century people have an explicit right to die if they wish and that death is a very private matter. Swiss law has shown that it is in fact possible to regulate euthanasia and that there are very little reasons why it cannot be controlled through proper legislation and regulation.

How you can read ‘If I Only Knew Then…’

If you would like to read my story and help me take another step towards peace with Dignitas, you can purchase my book. It’s a story of love, life, excess, business and deception and is all completely true. My autobiography is a tell-all tale that anybody can relate to. If you are looking for a salacious and scandalous real life counterpart to Fifty Shades then you should give it a try. Follow my Twitter page where I will be publishing excerpts from the book and updating my followers with my latest personal developments. Visit my site for extracts and more, here.

A Preview of my Book – If Only I Knew Then…


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Welcome to my blog. I’ve set this page up to help promote my book ‘If Only I Knew Then’ which is the full story of my business and sexual adventures. This book is my legacy and with it I lay bare all of the highs and lows of my life and expose the explosive truth about what really goes on behind closed doors in the world of big business and high society.

Why I am telling my story.

It’s now or never for me. In 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer and in August 2012 I was urgently admitted to hospital to have a tumour removed from my spine which has sadly left me with an ever increasingly poor quality of life. I’ve always felt that there was a book in me and the cancer diagnosis further cemented my desire to finally put pen to paper. I have dedicated all of my energy since into telling the story of my hedonistic life and to finally reveal the truth about my experiences and adventures from the swinging sixties to the present day.

My biggest decision.

I have made the very difficult decision to use the funds raised from my story to travel to the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland. Sadly my medical condition is only going to further accelerate over the coming months and I’m unwilling to live with permanent debilitating restrictions place upon my everyday life. Any further proceeds will go to the Dignitas Charity to support the good, humane work that they do for people in similar situations to me who need help. Whether you love me or hate me, each purchase puts me one step further to peace and I hope you will enjoy the revelations my book contains.


The explosive truth.

The book details my rise as an influential businessman, my battle against corruption in the building industry, my financial fortunes and misfortunes and the explicit details of my extraordinary personal life. The truth is often hard to take and my story is not for the faint of heart. Described as ‘a raunchy read’ and ‘a real life competitor to 50 Shades of Grey’, ‘If I Only Knew Then…’ is a no-holds barred, tell all account of my life of unrelenting hedonism and sexual excess and exposes the activities of many of the key figures in the celebrity and social hierarchy from the mid-twentieth century to today.

How you can read my story.

Visit my website to view further details about the book, to read a sample or to purchase and download, you can do so from Amazon and have it on your Kindle e-Reader right now.  You can order an exclusive signed printed copy direct from myself here. I hope that you enjoy my life’s story and are inspired to live life to the fullest as have I.