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As Christmas is almost upon us and it is the season of giving, I thought it would be a good idea to let you see an exclusive extract from my recently released autobiography ‘If I Only Knew Then…’ Described as ‘Better than Dallas and real life too’, my book features work, business and is your glimpse into a world of salacious night time activity. The following extracts are from the ‘Hedonism at Harrow’ section of my book and as you may be aware, Harrow is a pillar of the British establishment having educated the likes of Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Byron, Benedict Cumberbatch and many members of the British Royal Family. As you will read in my book, attending or working at Harrow doesn’t mean that you are squeaky clean, far from it.

Taken from Hedonism at Harrow:

Key amongst the staff is Beverley Bailey, housewife, mother and, like the school itself an outwardly respectable member of the Harrow community. As Personnel Manager, it’s Beverley’s role to support the four hundred or so staff working at the centuries-old school. Like the school itself and their now famous topless art teacher Joanne Salley, despite outward appearances, Beverley is also not immune to scandal.

Beverley was married to Roger Bailey for twenty-two years before finally divorcing in 1994, having met through her cousin, the BBC Top of the Pops producer Brian Whitehouse, who lived opposite Roger. It was in the very early stages of this relationship before they were married, that Beverley’s more risqué side first emerged. Shelia, an older long term friend of Beverley’s would stay with them on weekends, as her husband was away serving in the army. Beverley was keen for Roger to kiss her, and threesomes were suggested. Though nothing more happened, it was clear she wanted to experiment with multiple partner sex.

Soon after she moved in with Roger, she got to know his neighbours, Tony and Carol Gray, who were regular swingers. One evening in their company, the drink flowed and the clothes soon fell to the floor as they swapped partners and danced naked, Beverley with Tony while Roger danced with Carol. Later that evening she told Roger how much she enjoyed it, and from then on a wilder, more hedonistic lifestyle was begun…

You can read further extracts on my site here or read the book in full by purchasing from Amazon for your eReader or by ordering a paper copy from my site. Find out what truly goes on in the world of the British elite as I tell the full, explosive truth. Find out how I led the playboy lifestyle with fast cars, luxury boats and how women played a part in my downfall. You can find out more about myself and my book via my previous blog posts or read more online at RogerBailey.org.